12 Embarrassing Moments That Were Caught on Camera

Embarrassing moments are something that are fun to talk about for everyone, unless of course you’re the subject of said embarrassment. Thankfully, in most situations when something embarrassing happens we’re able to move on and forget it happened, until it creeps up on you five years into the future when you’re trying to fall asleep. These moments can include:

Embarrassing moments can be bad enough, but for these unfortunate people who had their embarrassing moment caught on camera, it’s going to take a little bit longer to get over it. The internet is a powerful thing and once something’s posted, it can be out there forever.

From gymnasts wetting themselves to drunken mistakes, we have compiled a list of some of the funniest embarrassing moments caught on camera.

1. Runner Rip:

When in sports, the last thing an athlete is thinking about in most cases is how their outfit is holding up. For Norwegian middle-distance runner Henrik Ingebrigsten, this was definitely the case when his pants begin to split during a race at the London 2012 Olympics. As he was about to cross the finish line, the tear began around his crotch region and his buddies downstairs began to pop out of his shorts. Luckily they were covered in mesh and weren’t completely exposed, but needles to say this wasn’t the most ideal to finish a race. Despite the malfunction, Henrik finished in fifth and then probably went and changed his pants.

2. There’s a lot going on here…

But the main thing is that the cheerleader in mid air appears to have accidentally relieved herself. You can see the look of shock and grimaces on her team mates below as they try to decide whether to catch her, or run away. There seems to be mixed responses. His girl was probably cheering at a big event in front of a ton of people and now it’s been shared with the world.

3. Tourists attraction:

Everybody is allowed to wear whatever they want, but this guy took it a bit too far. We’re guessing it must have been a really warm day in Spain because he seems to be owning this look. However in a few years down the road he may not find these pants as “hot”.

4. Frisky Situation:

Sometimes while vacationing you come across animal friends that you wouldn’t be able to meet back home. For this poor girl, her baby elephant friend decided to move things a bit too far and went in for a grab. Luckily someone was able to nab the photo so now she’ll never be able to live this down.

5. London Guard Is Falling Down:

Everyone is familiar with the royal guards at Buckingham Palace dressed in red coats and donning the big fluffy hat. As well as keeping the world’s best poker faces, these guys are pretty much always composed. That is apart from this guy who took a tumble. We’re willing to bet that he didn’t even grimace upon impact. Unfortunately for him though, someone snagged this shot.

6. Being the drunken idiot

At the party that has to be taken care of and force fed is embarrassing enough, but one way to make it worse is to vomit. Don’t be that guy who gets so drunk you hold up the only bathroom at a house party, and even more so don’t be this guy who posed for a picture and then proceeds to vomit on his friends. We almost wish we could have seen what happened 2 seconds later when the poor dude in the stripes realizes what’s hit him.

7. Banana Selfie:

At what was probably thought to be a good idea at the time, or one to many glasses of wine, this couple decided to take an “endearing” picture together with opposite ends of a banana in their mouths. We aren’t sure if they were going for a cute lady in the tramp vibe, but they’re sending a different message entirely.

8. Who can forget that awkward moment

when Fergie had an accident while performing live in front of thousands? People should salute her for rolling through this situation and rocking out despite the fact that she wets herself during a performance in 2005.

9. Embarrassing Dad:

It’s hard to tell if this photo was taken as a joke or if this dad is actually that embarrassing. Sure everyone’s dad is supposed to be embarrassing and come equipped with a few “dad jokes” but seriously? Just look at the expressions on his kids faces, and the smug smile on their shirtless father’s face. Yikes.

10. Sports again, and as we said before stuff happens.

Being a talented gymnast is something that most people could never fathom. It takes hard work, dedication, and talent. So we can hardly judge this french gymnast who seems to have sprouted a leak. Sometimes the body does things when we least expect it, and this mortifying moment was unfortunately caught on camera.


We’re wondering why the person taking this photo didn’t warn this poor girl about what’s coming.

12. Last body fluid one, we promise.

There’s nothing more fun than bouncing on a trampoline with your friends and getting some unnoticed exercise! But like the cheerleaders and the gymnasts, when the body is under different kinds of pressure, it can react in unexpected ways. For instance this girl who begins to wet herself quite visibly mid bounce. Yikes.

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