13 Women Inappropriately Dressed For Walmart

Welcome To Walmart, Here’s Your Blindfold!

Walmart is the best store ever! You can have your nails and hair done, get a new set of tires on your car, shop for all your family and pets’ needs, and even get your taxes done! It’s a one-stop-shop for all your life’s needs. Why would you even consider going somewhere else?!?

OK, so maybe the clientele is a bit, shall we say … eclectic, but that just adds to Walmart’s allure! You never know what you’re going to encounter down the next aisle. Will it be a grown man in a furry cosplay suit? A dime piece in a miniskirt shopping for booze? A 400-pound woman in a bathing suit buying diapers? A man in a leopard-print onesie shopping for pineapples? That’s the magic of Walmart, the people you’ll encounter. Or Women Inappropriately Dressed For Walmart. Here are 15 of them.

1.Freddy Krueger Made This Dress

Not only is it a bold fashion choice, its designed for maximum comfort in the hot summertime.

They say you can’t just a book by its cover and to be fair, this picture could have been taken before a dress-up party or event that she’d be perfectly dressed for (like the ‘Boom-Boom Room’ down at Saphires) but dressing like this at Walmart is definitely a fashion fail!

The next one is even hotter!

2. Get It Girl!

This is what Jon-Benet Ramsey would have looked like if she lived to see 70. With hair like that, she clearly can’t let her beauty pageant days go. You can’t be mad at her though with her fancy tights and pink shoes. This grandma is working it and that’s all that really matters. It looks as though she has the perfect strut too, to match her stellar ensemble. If you’ve ever gone to one of the older casinos in Las Vegas, you’d see that she looks just like one of the cocktail waitresses. Whatever you can to make a buck, right? You go girl!

3. Oh No She Didn’t: Swimsuit Edition

Surely there’s a perfectly good explanation for wearing a bathing suit to Wal-Mart. Maybe there’s a pool nearby? Like REALLY REALLY closeby. What makes this so bad is that the bathing suit is just so ill-fitting as well. Nobody wants to see all that junk in the trunk or the front. I’m just saying…

4. What…The…F*Ck!?

Wal-Mart clearly doesn’t have a policy for doing make-while not looking in a mirror. Was she trying to look scary because this is not how you accomplish the Cleopatra look. I only know one girl who could pull off eyeliner like that, and she overdosed a few years back (RIP Amy!) What do you think about her makeup? Could she have done a better job?

5. T-Shirt Optional

Sometimes you’re just in a really big hurry and can’t take the time out to put on a shirt. Such was the case with this fair lady who decided that she needed a Blu-Ray player right away. Some people really have no shame and will do whatever they want whenever they want. Even if she did have the body of a goddess,  it would be inappropriate to leave the house with such minimal attire. Being in your underwear should be reserved for sitting on your couch at home or doing the nasty between the sheets. Only in the jungles of Wal-Mart do you find such courageous people.

6. Too Old To Rock Out

Someone didn’t get the memo about the CBCG concert that ended 50 years ago.  What isn’t wrong with this outfit? And more importantly, why wear it to grocery shop? It seems like people nowadays and particularly Wal-Mart shoppers don’t care about wearing only flattering clothes. They’ll expose themselves and all their body parts without a second thought. Someone her age shouldn’t be wearing something so skimpy anyway. What will the children think!?

7. A Cowboy Gone Wrong

Where to start. She forgot her pants. Her bra is exposed. And she’s wearing a belt for some strange reason. Or maybe she thinks she’s wearing pants and that she’s really the star of some rodeo. Whatever it is she’s thinking, it’s clear that she was NOT thinking about looking her best. She really had to get that bag of sour cream potato chips and clearly didn’t care about what people thought about her in the end. But seriously. What was the belt for? It’s clearly not for holding up her panties that are one size too small.

8. The Skirt That Was Too High

I suppose there’s no real need to cover up more than you have to, huh? Surely though, even for someone of her stature there are better fitting outfits out there because it really does look like she just hiked up a skirt and decided to call it a shirt.

9. The Hair Scarf

What concerns me about this photo is that she’s actually posing for it, as if she’s making some [positive] fashion statement. The sad fact of the matter is that her collection of rat-tail weave looks like one of those oversized scarves that you can buy from Urban Outfitters in the winter. As a matter of fact, it probably is one of those which beckons the question why would anyone choose to weave wool into their own hair. Sometimes, it’s ok just to look normal and making a fashion statement is not required.

10. Yowza!

Where are all these attractive people when I’m at Walmart? It’s like a casting call for “The Walking Dead” every time I go on in! Now, I’m not criticizing anyone here, but look at the awful jacket on the guy behind her! OMG!! 

11. Meow!

That moment when you realize his attempt at their couple’s costume is just a hoodie with panda eyes. Poor girl. She went all out (literally, all out) to make the night a success and he goes and ruins it with his failed costume. I’m sure she’ll meet plenty of new suitors dresses like that!

 12. Nickelodeon Nightmare

I will never look at Spongebob the same. And it looks like the bottom half of spongebob is tattooed to her ass. What’s that about?

13. Festive For St. Patrick’s Day

I’m hoping she’s on her way to a costume party. Anything else would be unacceptable.


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