16 Unbelievable Celebrity Doppelgangers

We’re not sure what’s going on anymore because of these celebrities and their non-celebrity lookalikes. HOW DO THEY LOOK SO SIMILAR?!

1. Ryan Gosling’s doppelganger is so similar to the actor, that we’re not sure the world is ready.

Seriously, how are we meant to handle another Ryan Gosling? We can barely cope with one! German blogger, Joe Laschet even has the same hairstyle, sunglasses and dress sense at the La La Land star. WOAH. Picture: Instagram/Getty

2. Dubai sister bloggers, Sonia and Fyza Ali look so much like Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner…

… that they even get stopped in the street. But check out the resemblance – the hair, the make up, the pout… Picture: Instagram

3. Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams has her very own doppelgänger and NGL…

… their likeness is uncanny. THEY EVEN HAVE THE SAME HAIR. Picture: Instagram

4. April Gloria may be a cos-player but even when she’s not in costume, she looks EXACTLY like Taylor!

It’s almost scary how similar April Gloria and Taylor Swift look. Right down to the red lipstick and blonde fringe! Picture: Instagram

5. Hold up. Has someone taken Polyjuice Potion or is our mind playing a trick on us?

Nope, JK Rowling’s Harry Potter has his very own lookalike! Nikolai is from Russia and apparently looks so alike to the fictional wizard that he even gets stopped in the street for autographs. Picture: Instagram/Facebook

6. Chloe Grace Moretz’s doppleganger Edcel Ched is so similar…

… that even Chloe herself commented on the likeness. Taking to Instagram, the actress commented, ‘WHOA’. Yes, whoa INDEED. Picture: Instagram

7. She’s taken Instagram by storm because of her uncanny resemblance to Emma Watson!

SORRY but how is this even possible without Polyjuice Potion? Megan Flockhart looks identical to the Harry Potter actress, Emma Watson and we can’t even cope. Picture: Instagram/Getty

8. Kendall Jenner lookalike, Kate Bogucharskaia, has gotten the internet SO confused.

The model, Kate Bogucharskaia has been deemed Kendall Jenner’s doppleganger and fans have basically lost it over the thought of two Kendall’s gracing planet earth. We can’t lie, we don’t see it ourselves but we will let you make your own mind up. Picture: Instgram/Geety

9. Keitra Jane has been mistaken for Taylor Swift for years because of the uncanny resemblance.

She has even nailed the “OMG” facial expression that T.Swizzle is so fond of. Picture: Instagram

10. Shyan Ranje has sent Zayn fans into meltdown as they discovered that the singer has a lookalike!

Yep, poor Zayn now has two dopplegangers that his fans are going crazy for. Introducing… Shyan Ranje. Complete with blonde hair and those piercing eyes, Shyan’s also been spotted partying with Taylor Swift recently! Picture: Instagram

11. We bet he revels in being Zayn’s double – all those fans screaming for him!

Flamur Ukshini from Kosovo has managed to turn his looks into a lucrative business and is even being sponsored to boast about products on his 40,000 follower strong Instagram page. Oh, to be blessed with good genes! Picture: Instagram

12. It’s the head tilt. Selena’s doppelganger, Erika Amp, even has the superstar’s characteristics.

Brunette beauty, Erika, must have studied Miss Gomez for a while because she even got the selfie head tilt down to a tee. Picture: Instagram

13. The World could DEFINITELY use another Ed Sheeran… providing he can sing like the superstar!

He may be taking a break from social media for a while but our favourite ginger superstar, Ed Sheeran, has been spotted elsewhere. His double, Ty Jones, looks so much like him that he gets mistaken for Ed on the street! Picture: Instagram

14. Kim Kardashian’s lookalike, Kamilla Osman looks SO similar to the reality star…

… that she’s even going to appear in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, alongside Kim’s BFF Jonathan Cheban. We CANNOT wait to see that! Picture: Instagram

15. This is so CRAZY. Jacky Vasquez is the spitting image of pop diva, Ariana Grande.

Our minds cannot cope with the likeness – the eyes, the pout, the pose… Jacky has OWNED IT. Picture: Instagram

16. Swedish beauty, Ellinor Hellborg completely NAILS Adele’s classic make up look.

The flicked eyeliner and pouty lips makes Ellinor look so much like Adele that her Instagram following has just gone up and up and up. Picture: Instagram/Getty

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