16 Unbelievable Celebrity Doppelgangers

We’re not sure what’s going on anymore because of these celebrities and their non-celebrity lookalikes. HOW DO THEY LOOK SO SIMILAR?! 1. Ryan Gosling’s doppelganger is so similar to the actor, that we’re not sure the world is ready. Seriously, how are we meant to handle another Ryan Gosling? We can barely cope with one! […]

Leaked: Trump Paid Millions to Hide These Pictures

Donald Trump is known big time for making outrageous statements about a wide range of topics but what many people don’t know is that he’s also known for taking outrageous pictures.Below are some of the pictures that Donald Trump has been trying hard to hide. However, we managed to get them just for you. Ivanka […]

26 Most Attractive Redheads Ever

Think about Julianne Moore and the physical qualities she possesses. She’s a redheaded Oscar-winning actress who’s aging remarkably to the point where she can still film steamy nude scenes that we don’t feel uncomfortable watching. But believe it or not, the famous fiery beauty wasn’t always a fan of her now-classic appearance, namely her red hair. In […]

16 Celebrities And Their Equally Famous Clones

The problem of identity is a crucial one in the world of celebrities. We all know how important it is for fans to remember you. What happens when they keep calling you by the name of your equally famous look-alike? The strange phenomenon raised many eyebrows and made some researchers suspect something fishy. Is cloning to blame here? What […]

One child, a $21-million medical bill: How a tiny number of patients poses a huge challenge for Medi-Cal

Somewhere in California, one child’s medical expenses in 2014 totaled $21 million — a bill covered entirely by Medi-Cal, the state’s version of Medicaid. The child’s condition is not known. But the cost of care was mentioned in recent Twitter and Facebook posts by Jennifer Kent, head of the state Department of Health Care Services, which […]

California would be the primary victim in a GOP war on the census

The 2020 census is headed for a debacle, and California is among the states most likely to be victimized by it. Every 10 years, the Constitution requires the federal government to “enumerate” the nation’s residents. The count — traditionally accomplished by mailed questionnaires and house visits — determines political apportionment and the allocation of federal […]

9 dead and one missing in flash flood at Arizona swimming hole

Nine people were dead, including six children, and one man was missing after a flash flood roared through a popular Arizona swimming hole on Saturday afternoon. The deadly incident at the Cold Springs swimming hole in Tonto National Forest followed heavy rains that had spurred thunderstorm and flash flood warnings from the National Weather Service in areas […]

Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow: Meeting with Russian lawyer ‘not against the law’

Jay Sekulow, a member of President Trump’s legal team, said Sunday that nothing in a 2016 meeting between Trump advisers and a Russian lawyer was “against the law” and defended the president and members of his team for steadfastly denying contact with the Russians. “There was nothing in that meeting that is illegal, against the […]