Nearly Unrecognizable! 20 Gorgeous Stars Who Became Monsters

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? Well, for some celebrities the beauty appears to lie in the eye of the knife-holder.

The ever-growing need to stay young for as long as possible and to be utterly flawless when it comes to appearance, has never been bigger, or more accessible for that matter. Celebrities are loaded with cash and are willing to spend it all on the magic called plastic surgery.

However, some of them simply don’t know when to stop. Whether it is boob job gone wrong, questionable lip injections, too much Botox, or completely changing their appearance hoping no one would notice, these celebrities haven’t actually reached the results they hoped for.


1. Joan Rivers

This legendary comedienne and The Queen of “Fashion Mean” definitely knew how to make fun of other celebrities for their poor fashion or life choices, but it appears that Joan herself had some of those throughout her eventful life.

Rivers definitely was no stranger to ‘a little nip and tuck.’ In fact, Rivers’ addiction to plastic surgery goes all the way back to the mid 1960s, and even though the late comedienne claimed that the number of surgeries she had undergone wasn’t even close to the rumored (739), it was more than obvious that Joan had a lot of work done.

At the end of the day, Joan was among the ones who simply wouldn’t give in to the merciless hands of time and simply wouldn’t admit that everyone gets old and there’s nothing we can do about it.

2. Tara Reid

Tara is another example of beautiful girl gone ugly due to too much plastic in one’s body, and this one was a real shame too.

Tara Reid used to be so adorable when she was a young chick.

With that raspy voice and those wildly sexy eyes, Tara was practically every teenage boy’s crush, however, when she decided she isn’t really that pretty and that she needs liposuction, as well as to get her breasts and stomach done, Tara’s sexiness went away for good.

Soon, many photos surfaced showing her uneven and wrinkled breasts and stomach, so Tara has also tried some corrective, but unfortunately all to no avail.

3. Mickey Rourke

Unlike all female celebrities we’ve covered so far, who turned to plastic surgery due to vanity issues or simply because they wanted to cheat the flow of time, Rourke definitely has a different story in store for us.
As one of the most disappointing plastic surgery disasters of all time, when it comes to male celebrities, Mickey Rourke’s transformation was pretty hard to watch, even if you are not a fan of this legendary actor.

Namely, when his acting career started to plateau out, the “Sin City” star decided to take his chances at professional boxing. This was a powerful blow (pun intended) to his good looks, as the fights caused considerable damage to his face.

Naturally, Rourke turned to a plastic surgeon for help, however, things didn’t really go as he planned. “Most of [the surgery] was to mend the mess of my face because of the boxing, but I went to the wrong guy to put my face back together,” he told Daily Mail back in 2009.

4. Jocelyn Wildenstein

The Bride of Wildenstein” (nickname reference to The Bride of Frankenstein) has reportedly spent around US$4,000,000 on various cosmetic surgeries over the years and naturally ended up being one of the most famous cases of addiction to plastic surgery.

The story of Jocelyn Wildenstein goes way back. During the 80’s Jocelyn was a beautiful woman, a fresh-faced mother of two and married to an extremely rich art dealer.

Everything was coming up roses for her until she caught her husband in bed with a 21-year-old Russian model.

It appears that this turn of events hit Jocelyn much harder than it should have and she decided to win her husband back by making herself more beautiful. Unfortunately, Jocelyn failed. Miserably.

5. Donatella Versace

Ever since Donatella became Vice-President of the Versace Group, as well as its chief designer, this platinum blonde has undergone some major plastic surgery, changed her looks completely and pretty much turned herself into a monster.

Although the majority of famous people are having rhinoplasties in order to make their noses look smaller, Donatella’s nose somehow ended up larger, wider and slightly crooked over the years.

Donatella has also had her lips done countless times, even though the fashion icon has always had big lips. Her oversized upper lip indicates that collagen has been over-used, to say the least.

Facelifts and the use of dermal injectables like Botox are also conspicuously distorting her face when she smiles. But hey, there aren’t any wrinkles.

6. Axl Rose

If you take a close look at Axl’s exterior today and compare it to that famous R’n’R face from twenty years ago, you would realize that the rock star has probably tried out all possible anti-aging procedures available out there.
Now, since the notorious singer hasn’t quite actually led a healthy lifestyle, his plastic surgeries didn’t ultimately give positive results. Or so the experts claim.

Axl has tried face-lifting, Botox, plus some chemical peeling in order to rejuvenate his skin, however, it was all in vain.

His skin looks freakishly red in some of his recent photos, despite the fact that he’s ginger by nature, and he simply looks like a different person.

7. Daryl Hannah

This actress and environmental campaigner certainly was a knockout during the 80s and 90s, when she nailed the roles in such films as “Blade Runner” (1982), “Splash” (1984), “Roxanne” (1987), “Wall Street” (1987), “Steel Magnolias” (1989) and later “Kill Bill” (2003/04)”.

But then she decided to try and stay beautiful for as long as she could.

Growing old naturally simply wasn’t an option for Daryl, so the actress went straight to the plastic surgeon.

However, her plan completely backfired. After using too much filler and way too much Botox, Hannah ended up looking even older than she had hoped for.

8. Kelly Bensimon

This American model, author, socialite and former editor of “Elle Accessories,” who has also appeared on the Bravo television series “The Real Housewives of New York City” from seasons 2 to season 4, is another example of unnecessary plastic surgery.

The Real Housewife was attacked by the media back in 2008 for blatantly showing off her horribly misshapen breasts.

The self-proclaimed “ambassador for wool” (as one magazine pointed out – an achievement she mentioned in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, though the public has yet to figure out what that means) hasn’t undergone another reconstructive surgery.

New York plastic surgeon Dr David Shafer had this to say about her Playboy appearance afterwards:

“Kelly Bensimon unfortunately looks like she has developed capsular contracture around her breast implants – leading to the asymmetric and “stuck-on” look. It also appears that her implants were not put under her muscle which would have provided an extra layer of tissue coverage. I am interested to see Playboy’s airbrushed results.”

9. La Toya Jackson

It seems that the pointy nose runs in the family. Or does it?
The King of Pop and his sister, La Toya Jackson, had an openly strange and turbulent relationship, however, it would appear they had one thing in common – plastic surgery addiction.

The two siblings actually ended up looking so much alike that one would think they did not only share DNA, but one particular plastic surgeon as well, as their chin and cheek implants, along with the signature Jackson pointy nose, were one of a kind.

La Toya Jackson also made our list for her unnecessary decision to turn to plastic surgery. Another good-looking girl turned into a plastic freak.

10. Tori Spelling

Victoria Davey ‘Tori’ Spelling reached stardom with her first major role as Donna Martin on “Beverly Hills, 90210” back in the 90s, however, she managed to remain famous perhaps not because her awesome acting abilities, but some other things. Plastic surgery was definitely one of them.
Namely, during the second season of “Beverly Hills, 90210,” Tori was scolded by the media for her deformed breasts, as she had a conspicuously severe chest depression.

The actress denied having gone under the knife, but finally came forward Entertainment Weekly in 2008.

“I wanted to come clean that I had my boobs done in my 20s because people falsely write that I’ve had all these things done. I’ve had the two procedures that probably every other woman in Hollywood has had done,” said Tori.


11. Michael Jackson

This list would simply be incomplete without the King of Pop. Or, should we say – the King of Plastic Surgery Disasters.
Let’s face it, Jackson didn’t fool anyone. His skin was a medium-brown color when he began his career, however, sometime in the mid 1980s, his skin miraculously started to turn more and more pale. The process was widely considered and lately proven to be skin bleaching.

According to his biographer, J. Randy Taraborrelli, Jackson also began making his signature nose smaller around the same time. He was later reported to have been using the over-the-counter skin-bleaching cream called Porcelana in order to achieve the coveted “more European” look.

During his career, Jackson’s facial structure changed completely. Surgeons claim he also had a rhinoplasty, a forehead lift, cheekbone surgery, altered his lips, and had a cleft put in his chin.

People close to the singer estimated that, by 1990, Michael had undergone around ten procedures. The total number of plastic surgeries The King of Pop underwent will probably never be revealed.

12. Renee Zellweger

Another person who made our list not because she turned into a monster, but because her physical appearance changed completely, and we mean completely, and over night.
When Renée Zellweger showed up at the October 20 Elle Women in Hollywood gala, she stepped onto the Red Carpet, however, the reporters were a bit confused and weren’t exactly sure if they should take photos of this unfamiliar persona.

One press member claims that she had to point out the Academy Award winner to her peers who gathered at the venue, simply because they weren’t aware it was really her in front of Four Seasons hotel in L.A.

According to the inside, even those who were inches away weren’t sure it was really her.

As photos flooded the Internet, fans went berserk with incredulous comments about how the star drastically changed her looks. Even CNN posted an article titled “Is That You, Renée Zellweger?”, while The New York Times did an in-depth CSI-level analysis of her new face.

In the end, Renée herself joined the conversation, stating: “I’m glad folks think I look different! I’m living a different, happy, more fulfilling life, and I’m thrilled that perhaps it shows.”

New look can’t buy happiness? For Renée it appears it can.

13. Pamela Anderson

Pamela’s diva lifestyle didn’t work too well with her skin!

Pamela might be the queen of plastic. With the number of cosmetic surgeries she did to her body, this moniker might fittingly describe her best.

Pamela suddenly felt the need for bigger breasts when she was younger. Then, she got gigantic ugly breast implants and she was unhappy with that. So, she went for bigger ones and later wanted to get rid of them. She again got even bigger ones trying to do that. Anyway, she tells that she is done with plastic surgery. Also she got a nose job, cheek implants and lip collagen.

14. Melanie Griffith

Griffith has had a few cosmetic procedures but they didn’t go too well. She says she gets a lot of “you look horrible” reactions! We hope she’ll get back to looking radiant!

It’s highly unusual for celebrities to open up about their plastic surgery regrets, let alone previous addiction problems and the circumstances of their high-profile divorces, but actress Melanie Griffith has unveiled a triple whammy of personal revelations in her new interview with Porter Magazine.

While Griffith was similarly open about her addictions, which have resulted in her being sent to rehab three times, she insisted that her battles with cocaine, alcohol and painkillers did not affect her family life.

15. Scott Thompson

The red-haired comedian, better known by his stage name Carrot Top, is definitely familiar with the scenario of his name reaching some Top 10 list of horrifying looks or plastic surgeries gone wrong.
Carrot Top is known for his bright red hair, prop comedy, and self-deprecating humor, however, the comedian has lately been reaching headlines due to his addiction to plastic surgery and his horrible new look, not that he was a knockout to begin with.

Celebrity cosmetic surgery expert, Anthony Youn, MD, claims that Thompson has undergone several procedures, including eyebrow lift, Botox injections, lip plumping and laser peels.

Carrot suddenly doesn’t have his signature freckles, and it’s also been speculated that he uses steroids, as his body suddenly became muscular.

16. Angela ‘Big Ang’ Raiola

Big Ang is an American reality television star who first received television exposure on the second season of the reality series “Mob Wives”.
She’s also owned the bar “Drunken Monkey” in Staten Island, New York for seven years, but what defines Big Ang mostly, is the overdose of plastic surgery.

Angela went under the knife numerous times during her career. She enhanced the look of her bust line, as well as her lips, which pretty much look like she’s been attacked by a huge swarm of bees.

The results never turned out as the reality star expected. Her cosmetic procedures are among the most talked about plastic surgery disasters of all time, simply because her looks never seemed to go for the better.

It appears it’s all downhill from now for Big Ang.

17. Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin is one of the most successful child actors in Hollywood history.

He began acting at the age of four. Culkin became famous for his role as Kevin McCallister in Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Also celebrated films with Culkin are: Richie Rich, Uncle Buck, My Girl, The Good Son. He was a good friend of pop singer Michael Jackson, making an appearance in Jackson’s “Black or White” music video.

Now Macaulay Culkin is not so popular and not so cute as a child but his films are always a pleasure to review.

18. Keith Richards

He doesn’t look too bad now but the wrinkles have set in making it hard to believe that he was such heart-throb once upon a time.

19. Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy looks different but we think it fits his personality and lifestyle!

Here we have another example of why the rock-star life can wreak havoc on your physical qualities and mental stability.

At the height of his career Ozzy had the stunning good looks to match his talent however decades of alcohol and out of control drug use have turned him into a troll one misstep from being admitted into a mental asylum.

20.Goldie Hawn

Goldie Jeanne Hawn is an American actress, director, producer, and occasional singer

Goldie’s innocent looks made her a silver-screen goddess.

The years have not been kind though as she is now riddled with age spots and has a bit of a tired look to her.

We applaud her for choosing not to have surgery but we’ll always miss the good looks of her youth.

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